At Third Church we are passionate about Connecting people to Christ and His Community because we believe that these connections are the key to a flourishing life. If you would like to explore that life with us, we would love to connect with you. You are always welcome. 



  • Sunday Update
    News from the pews includes this week's opportunities.
  • Sunday Morning Bulletin
    As the story of Exodus continues, the major storyline that emerges is the conflict between God and Pharaoh. This conflict is about control of the Israelite people, but it's also about proving who has ultimate power and authority. In our passage this morning, we'll see how God is working to bring victory to His people in spite of Pharaoh's actions, and how that gives us hope for whatever circumstances we might be facing in life today.
  • Sunday Evening Bulletin
    Among unchurched Americans there is a strong perception the Christians are primarily motivated by a political agenda and promote right-wing politics. The conern over Christians being "too involved in politics" is held not only by a large number of unchurched neighbors, but a good number of adults within the church. In tonight's session we will explore how to understand and repond to such a perception.

    This evening we welcome Cindi Veenstra as our guest presenter. She will share with us the work of Back to God Ministries, for which she serves as a board member. Throughout our evening series this winter we have wrestled in one way or another with the challenge of cultural engagement as Christians. No agency of the Christian Reformed Church invests more effort and study into that challenge than BTGM. Cindi will share with us some of the tools that BTGM has produced to help Christians in North America connect with neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • Bronco Campus Ministries
    Connecting Church and Campus:

    Oasis (Rest. Redemption. Renewal.)

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