Third Church is an intentionally missional church, where resources are focused on transforming the parish surrounding our church and the neighborhoods surrounding each of our homes and lives, so that they increasingly reflect the character of the Kingdom of God.  



  • Minister of Witness and Community Life Position
    Please refer to the "Who We Are" top navigation tab, and click on "Minister of Witness and Community Life" for more information about the position; Job Description and Church Profile.
  • Sunday Update
    News from the pews includes this week's opportunities.
  • Sunday Morning Bulletin
    A colony is a settlement of people living in a foreign country while holding citizenship in another. It is a fitting metaphor for the church in any country or age. We are people whose citizenship is in the kingdom of heaven even though we live in the midst of another country. Using the letter of Colossians as our guide, we will spend the next couple months exploring what it meant to live as God's "Easter Colony" in the midst of this "foreign" country.
  • Sunday Evening Bulletin
    This evening we conclude our study of the David stories in the books of Samuel. Fittingly we will end with his personal testimony.
  • Bronco Campus Ministries
    Connecting Church and Campus:

    Oasis (Rest. Redemption. Renewal.)

    International Student Fellowship

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