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Stellar VBS 2023

June 18-22

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At Third Church, we strive to steward the gifts we have received from God and direct them to helping our community and our world. As part of this mission, we have some special funds that are set aside for church members and managed by church members for the purpose of furthering God's glory. Read on to learn about the Ministry Discipleship Fund and the Christian Education Fund. If you have any questions, please write us a note via our Contact page.

Ministry Discipleship Fund

The Ministry Discipleship Fund (MDF) is established as a means to promote new ministry initiatives at Third Church. The MDF accomplishes this by designating funds for the development and expansion of the ministries of the church, as well its members’ ministry efforts in the greater Kalamazoo community and beyond. The MDF is meant to fund ministry initiatives that fall outside of the church budget and represent new opportunities to share the love of Christ in word or deed.

Christian Education Fund

The Christian Education Fund (CEF) assists Third CRC families with the financial burden of providing Christian school tuition by offering tuition credits and aid for families. The support for Christian education is a covenantal, lifetime commitment, and all church families are encouraged to participate and to financially support the CEF. To qualify, parents must be members of Third CRC for a minimum of one year, actively participate in church activities, and be faithful in providing financial support for church