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Third CRC is an intentionally missional church, where resources are focused on transforming the neighborhoods surrounding each of our homes and lives.

In order to help us do this, our church family is organized into seven "neighborhoods," with an Elder and Deacon overseeing each one.  The goal of these groups is that we might take care of one another and that, together, we may bless our neighbors, friends, co-workers and community in Jesus' name.

Bronson Neighborhood:  Jeff De Nooyer, Elder and Kim Van Loo, Deacon

Milwood East Neighborhood:  Dave Bierenga, Elder and Dave Huizinga, Deacon

Northwest Territories:  Jane Smit, Elder and Tom Nanninga, Deacon

Oshtemo West Neighborhood:  Phil Ippel, Elder and Esther Korzilius, Deacon

Portage East Neighborhood:  Ben Schaefer, Elder and Bob Erikson, Deacon

Soutwest Neighborhood: Dan Triemstra, Elder and Dan Schrik, Deacon

Westwood Neighborhood:  Rick Viel, Elder and Luke Vanderhill, Deacon

Winchell Neighborhood:  John Buttery, Elder and Ed Maring, Deacon