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Third CRC is an intentionally missional church, where resources are focused on transforming the neighborhoods surrounding each of our homes and lives.

In order to help us do this, our church family is organized into seven "neighborhoods," with an Elder and Deacon overseeing each one.  The goal of these groups is that we might take care of one another and that, together, we may bless our neighbors, friends, co-workers and community in Jesus' name.

Central Neighborhood:  Roger Sikkenga, Elder and David Bartels, Deacon

East Neighborhood:  Dave Bishop, Elder and Tim VanderKooy, Deacon

Northwest Neighborhood:  Rich Voorman, Elder and Kurt Miedema, Deacon

North Neighborhood:  Pam Vanderhill, Elder and Kyle Mastenbrook, Deacon

West Neighborhood:  Don Nedervelt, Elder and Randy Dyk, Deacon

Souteast Neighborhood: Becky Winegar, Elder and Alex Onderlinde, Deacon

Southwest Neighborhood:  Tim DeJong, Elder and Nathan Batts, Deacon

Senior Community Neighborhood:  Kathy Bartels, Elder and Ken Sportel, Deacon

Out-of-Towners:  Mike Oostindie, Elder


Todd DeNooyer - Council Chair

Mike Oostindie - Council Clerk

Nathan Batts - Chair of Deacons

Ken Sportel - Deacon of Finance